1/7   6 things that give earphones edge over headphones

There has always been a rift between audiophiles (music lovers) when it comes to earphones and headphones. Both have their own set of pros and cons.

Many prefer headphones over earphones because of sound clarity and quality while some prefer to invest in earphones as they are cheap and offer better noise cancellation.

Although headphones are still going strong among a select group of users, here are a few pointers why earphones have an upper hand in this race.
Price – isn't this obvious?
2/7  Price – isn't this obvious?

There is no question when it comes to the price tag of the earphones. Majority of us would agree there are some earphones that come under Rs 500 and give you that desired surround sound effect which you always wanted from a high-end earphone.

Quality headphones on the other hand, for end users, will deliver nothing new but are likely to cost more.

Extremely portable
3/7  Extremely portable

Earphones also score a point when it comes to portability. You can simply stuff them inside your bags or even in your pockets and carry them around with more ease vis-a-vis headphones.

As for the headphones, you might end up carrying them in your hands if in case there is a space crunch.

They take a lot of area and definitely add more weight to your baggage.

Wins the noise cancellation crown
4/7  Wins the noise cancellation crown

Earphones win the noise cancellation crown hands-down. The in-ear headphones have always been the first choice for those who like to dwell deep into music without any disturbances or unwanted audio.

Headphones, no matter how costly and with bigger ear caps, manage to let some ambient noise slip inside.
More durable
5/7  More durable

Although headphones have been ruling this front until now, manufacturers have started focusing on the build of their earphones, making them more durable and long-lasting than before.

A typical Rs 300 earphone can last for couple of years even after being accidentally pulled, dropped on ground or in liquid.

Headphones have a more complex build from inside and thus damage easily even with slightest bumps.
Better sound quality
6/7  Better sound quality

The companies have lately been making quality headphones and offering them in budget prices. With a good pair of earphones you would get a similar sound quality like you get with headphones from some big brands.
Improved comfort level
7/7 Improved comfort level

Most of us have used both earphones and headphones at least once in our life time. With earphones users have not much to worry about or to take care off. However, if you have headphones, there are several things to simultaneously take in to account.