Wednesday, 27 July 2016


I wrote step by step instructions on How to use Whatsapp without phone number. Here we go.
    • If you are already using Whatsapp account after verifying your phone number, take all the data backup and uninstall it.
    • Now, download Whatsapp and install it again on your phone.
    • We all know that Whatsapp asks us to provide our mobile number to verify the account. But, what is our main aim is skipping the step and use Whatsapp without verifying the mobile number.
    • Therefore, we have to perform the trick in this step.
    • Change your network settings to “flight mode”. In some mobile it may name “Airplane Mode”.
    • Turn it on and go to Whatsapp installation tab.
    • There enter your mobile number and click OK. But, you will not get any verification code because you turned on flight mode on your phone.
    • So, Verification is not completed means your mobile number is not verified.
    • Now, Whatsapp asks you to verify through an alternative way. Here, you have to choose “verify through SMS” option and enter your email address.
    • Click submit and immediately tap on cancel option. You have to perform this action within a few seconds. (Very Important Step)
    • Your authorization process ends in the last step.
    • Now you have to create a spoof message. You can create it using Spoof Text Message if you are an android user. If you are iPhone user, you can use Fake a Message application.
    • Install any of the above according to your phone operating software.
    • Now, go to Outbox, copy the message details and send it to a fake number.
    • You can use below details in order to perform this false verification step.
    • To:+447900347295
          From: + (country code) (mobile number)
          Message: Your e-mail address
  • Now, a false verification message will be sent to the fake number and that is how you completed the verification process without any mobile number.

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