Wednesday, 27 July 2016

HOW TO CONNECT TWO COMPUTERS USING USB CABLE (You can share a files from one Pc to another)

Connecting two computers using a USB cable is a practical way of transferring and sharing data quickly. Although the process is simple and straightforward, you must make sure to use a USB networking cable,
also called USB-to-USB bridged cable. These USB cables are equipped with a small chip in the middle that allows the connected computers to communicate with each another. General USB cables that do not have this circuitry will not work and can even damage your computer's USB ports.

Step 1:
Turn on the two computers you wish to
connect via the USB cable. Install the CD
driver on both computers. This driver is
generally provided by the USB cable
manufacturer. Follow the installations
wizard until completed.

Step 2:
Connect one end of the USB networking
cable to the USB port of one computer.
Connect the other end of the cable to the
other computer's USB port.

Step 3:
Launch the recently installed software on
both computers. Both computers will
detect the connection with one another.

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