Thursday, 28 July 2016

Global ICT Services : Examples

Global ICT Services : Examples

Global ICT services take some information from you, process it in some way and then return the outputs of this processing to you. Some example global ICT services are :

Examples of Global ICT Services
A secretary anywhere in the world can receive rough notes or sound recordings of information by email or FAX and turn this into a professionally presented document which can be returned by email.
Bulk Data
Large volumes of data can be entered into computer databases in foreign countries and then sent to the UK. Workers in some countries will do this in return for lower wages than workers in the UK.
A plan describing the structure of a web site together with information to be contained on the web site can be collected in one country and emailed to a web designer in another country who can produce the web site.

Services like this which process information can be carried out anywhere in the world because the information can be transferred from the person purchasing the service to the person supplying the service very quickly using electronic methods such as email and FAX.

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