Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Most Common Computer Problems PLUS Solutions/How to fix them..........PC Troubleshooting Questions and Answer

Read visitors PC troubleshooting related questions and find the answers to their problems

>>Random Windows and Software Issues

>>Forgotten power on (BIOS) password

>>Laptop Computer Won't Recognize Printer

>>Computer Won't Boot After Compressing Files

>>Smc.exe - Application Error Message

>>Everything on My Screen is Too Large

>>CD\DVD Says Drive is Not Accessible When Changing Disks

>>SW BUILD ID Doesn't Match the Recovery Media Error

>>Winmm.dll is not a valid Windows image message

>>Desktop icons don't appear after adding password to user account

>>Whats the best way to install Windows on a new hard drive using recovery disks?

>>Are Online PC Cleanup Services Like and Any Good?

>>This Application Has Failed to Start Because SHELL32.dll Was Not Found Error

>>Invalid Configuration Information, Please Run Setup Program Message on Startup

>>Status 0xc000014c, Windows Failed to Load Because the System Registry File is Missing or Corrupt Error

>>Computer Gets Hot Then Turns Itself Off

>>Slow Frame Rate With Online Games

>>STOP:C000007B {Bad Image} Error on Startup

>>File Missing or Corrupt isapnp.sys Error

>>"Open With" Option Comes Up When Trying to Open D or E Drives

>>Internet Connection Freezes When Watching Online Videos

>>Access Violation at Address 00403728 in Module "Scheduled.exe" Read of Address FFFFFFFC Message

>>Insufficient System Resources Exist to Complete The API Message at Startup

>>Disk boot Failure, Insert System Disk and Press Enter Error Message

>>Outlook Express "The Message Could Not Be Deleted" Error

>>UNICODE; v.4, 0, 5, 1 Message in Internet Explorer

>>Error Loading NVCP.DLL Message

>>PFN-List-Corrupt Error

>>Windows Cannot Find csrsc.exe File Error Message

>>Computer Says Logging In and Then Reboots

>>Can't find C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\DegCs.exe Error

>>TVAgent.exe - Entry Point Not Found Message

>>How to Analyze PC Beep Code on Startup

>>No Sound Card Was Found Error

>>Virtual Memory Minimum is Too Low Message

>>Error Code 80244019

>>The Procedure Entry Point GetProcessImageFileNameW Could Not Be Located in the Dynamic Link
Library PSAPI.DLL Message

>>Insufficient System Resources Exist to Complete the API Message

>>Computer Shuts Off With Lsass.exe Error

>>How to Speed Up a Slow Computer

>>Slow Computer with 100% CPU Usage

>>Power Surge Causes PC Issues

>>WMS Idle Error Message

>>Computer Randomly Rebooting

>>The System DLL user.dll Was Relocated in Memory Message

>>Application Failed (0xc0000005) Error

>>VGA Mode Not Supported Error

>>Need to Transfer Pictures to New Computer But Don't Have Working USB Ports

>>Can't Open Hard Drive When Double Clicked - maskrider2001.vbs error

>>Can't Find Any Hard Drives During Windows Installation

>>Error Loading c:\program~1newdot~1/.dll Message

>>All Programs Start Menu Item Missing

>>Certain Websites Won't Load

>>Pictures on Websites are Blurry

>>CD/DVD Drive Contents Won't Refresh

>>NTLDR is Compressed Bootup Error

>>0271 Check Date and Time Bootup Error

>>The Oleaut32.dll File Cannot Start Error

>>Computer Shuts Itself Off

>>Fatal Execution Error (0x7927e03e)

>>Outlook Express Error Code Ox800CCC79

>>Invalid System Disk Message on Laptop

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