Thursday, 21 July 2016

Best upcoming phones 2016 - release dates for all the top new smartphones

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2016 is set to be yet another big year for smartphones. Mobile World Congress might have been and gone, but there's still plenty to get excited about this year, including lots of new flagships as well as some new versions of returning favourites.
I'll summarise what's coming when and whether it's worth getting excited about. We've gone with the flagship handsets here, as those generally attract the most attention before release, and we've also stuck to the big guns, too, rather than include niche or unusual designs that will probably never see the light of day (we're looking at you, Project Ara).
This list will be updated regularly as we get more information about exciting releases, although we'll cover most of the handsets here in more depth in their own individual rumours articles - look out for the links below.
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