Saturday, 30 July 2016

Why you should be happy when you face a Challenges/Problem in Your Carrier ? (i mean your professional skills i.e IT)

You should be happy and don't panic when you have got a new challenge/Computer problem, I mean when you are in ICT sector, cause is a part of improving of your skills and professional in technician, 
NB; Simple task/work drop your skills/professional.

Why life challenges are a source of growth

Do you know how self confidence is built?
 When a person manages to learn something new or when he manages to solve a certain life problems he feels confident about himself.
Now the question that most people ask is: why learning certain skills never add to my self confidence and why learning other skills can boost my confidence?
The answer is simple, only the skills that you are greatly in need of or the ones that will help you solve your important life problems will increase your self confidence.
Here is an example taken from the Solid Self confidence program. Lets suppose that you had a shyness problem, in such a case learning football might add a little to your self confidence but learning how to approach strangers will add a great deal of confidence to your personality.

So what does all this has to do with life challenges?
Because a problem is only considered a life challenge when it affects an important area of your life solving it will certainly add a great deal of confidence to you.
If you managed to deal with that tough life challenge you will feel that you are really confident and that you are not beatable.

Lack of life challenges and beliefs that wear out

Beliefs keep wearing out as the time passes because we always keep collecting new information. If you once succeeded or made a great achievement then after sometime you might start to believe that you only did it because you were lucky and not because you are really good.
If that situation persisted you might lose your self confidence on the medium or the long term. On the other hand, if you faced the life challenge and managed to deal with it you will renew your self confidence and you will reinforce your positive beliefs about yourself.

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