Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The Bendy Smartphone Of The Future Is (Almost) Here

Sure, you could get a smartwatch — but why bother when you could just wrap a phone around your wrist?
That’s the question asked by Lenovo, which on Thursday introduced an experimental smartphone that can bend like a bracelet.
It’s called the Cplus, and it’s actually one of two flexible devices Lenovo showed off. The company also demonstrated the Folio tablet, which can essentially fold in half.


You won’t be able to buy either of these devices anytime soon. They’re conceptual, and even Lenovo’s chief technology officer said they’re not ready for prime time.
“These are not things that will survive in the wild,” CTO Peter Hortensius said, according to Engadget.
Still, they’re good reminders that blocky, breakable gadgets may not be the status quo forever. And Lenovo isn’t the only company working on an update.
Earlier this week, a report indicated that Samsung is developing bendable devices that could launch as soon as February.

LG and Oppo are also said to be working on flexible phones, and Apple has its own patent for bendy displays.
Such devices have been anticipated for years. CNET outlined the potential advantages in 2013: Flexible devices are potentially more durable and, by virtue of their morphing body, a bit more convenient than rigid slabs of metal you might struggle to fit into your pocket.

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