Tuesday, 19 July 2016

How to Delete a Google or Gmail Account?

Deleting your Google account is a big decision. By doing so, you lose access not only to Gmail, but to any Google product and service attached to your account. Deleting accounts can be a little confusing if you have multiple Google accounts and only want to remove one, so read this guide for step-by-step details on how to permanently erase your Google presence

So the steps to delete gmail account permanently are: 
1. Sign Out of All Your Google Accounts.Make sure that you are signed out of all your multiple accounts that you are using on Google website. Check for that you are signed out of Gmail, Google+,Youtube and Google Drive.
Sign Out
 2. Log In to the Google Account that you want to Delete. Look on the top-right corner and Click on Sign In Button.

Sign In

3. Open Your Account Details. Click on your Profile Pic and then click on Account.

Click On Account

4.Click on Data Tools.

Data Tools

5.In the Data Tools, click on Delete Account and Data.

Delete acccount and data

6. Check all the boxes. Make sure that you have checked all the boxes as it is important to check all the boxes to Delete your Gmail Account.

Check all

7. Close Your Account. Enter Your Account Password and then check the boxes that follows to confirm that you want to delete your Google Account, then click on Delete Google Account.

Close your account

Now, your Google Account has been Deleted Permanently. 
Hope, you enjoyed this tutorial.

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